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A feast for the next generation of chefs

On Sunday August 20, the Chaîne des rôtisseurs du Nouveau-Brunswick baillage hosted an event for its members and guests.

In the enchanting setting of the Kingston Peninsula near Saint John, the group was welcomed by Matt Reid, Vice-Argentier of the Chaine New Brunswick Baillage, and his wife, Marilyn McPhee, a member of the Chaîne. The couple hosted this provincial bailiwick event at their sumptuous summer home on the Kingston Creek waterfront.

The aim of the event was to raise funds for NBCC scholarships to support the province's young chefs in their pursuit of a career in cooking. Cornel Ceapa, Bailli de la Chaîne du Nouveau-Brunswick, his wife Dorina Dame de la Chaîne and chef Jack Beers wowed the gourmands with a beautiful piece of pork weighing some sixty pounds. The little pig was cooked on an outdoor rotisserie while guests admired it from the water's edge!

A delightful selection of fine wines and even caviar were also on the menu for this event, which not even the passing rain was able to dampen.

Of course, the occasion was not to be missed, as succulent sparkling wines were poured, much to the delight of all present. Chef Thane Mallory of Gagetown's Gulliver's World Cafe was also able to distinguish himself with his recipe for Mexican-style BBQ corn with elotes.

A day that will remain etched in the memories of those who took advantage of this annual gathering to share and fraternize.

Long live La Chaine!

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