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A grandiose gala induction dinner in Dieppe

On November 19, the Brotherhood of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage of New Brunswick held its induction ceremony for 8 new members, during a gala dinner organized at the Restaurant L’Atelier Tony in Dieppe.

Now 41 members in the province
For the occasion, the Bailli delegate of Canada, Tony Catanese, was supported in the conduct of the ceremony by Cornel Ceapa, Bailli of the chapter, and his partner Dorina Ceapa who holds the role of Vice-Chargée de Missions of the organization in New Brunswick.

In all, more than 8 new people then took the oath to the Chaîne des rôtisseurs, swearing to always honor the art of cooking, the culture of the table, and to fulfill their duties of fraternity and respect towards all members.

Among the new inductees, there are 3 members displaying the designation of professional in cooking or sommellerie.

These new additions bring the number of members of the chain of the bailliage of New Brunswick to 41, almost half of whom are professionals.

A table with local flavors 
Once the protocol was over, the attending 34 people were treated to a culinary feast with more than 10 services under the skilled direction of Executive Chef Jorden Holden and his Chef de Cuisine Niguel De Leon, and Jill Clark as Sous-Chef.

A gourmet menu concocted around a wide range of local products notably with the Diamant Farm, Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar, Bird’s Hill Wagyu, Broadfork Farms, Dieppe Market, Cormier Meat Market, FishermansCorner, Local By Atta and Fisherman Josh MacLeod.

These dishes were also accompanied by some local wines such as the Osceola Brut sparkling wine from Magnetic Hill, from the Moncton region.

Mission accomplished with Atelier Tony 
This evening therefore achieved its objective of welcoming its new members with class and in the spirit of this organization dedicated to preserving camaraderie, the pleasures of the table, and the promotion of excellence in all areas of hospitality and catering.

Meet the new members of Cuvée 2023:
Carl Callewaert   
Nancy Creamer Ervin  
Patrick Ervin      
Nadia Barry Fuglstad   
Kiran Mampilly   
Jack Beers 
André Beaulieu   
François Michel Ouellette     
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