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$ 2250 in scholarship to support young chefs

The New Brunswick Chain des rôtisseurs is proud to support the regional competition for young chefs. The competition for young culinary talents was organized on Friday, March 4th at the New Brunswick Community College in St-Andrews.

Two young chefs competed and more than $2,250 in scholarships were awarded.

First place was won by Ella with a $1500 scholarship and second place was taken by Gabe Campbell with a $750 prize in scholarship as well.

The jury was represented by several professionals in the cooking and food industry. Chef Alex Haun, Vice-Culinary Advisor to the Chaîne NB Chapter, Chef Chris Aerni, as well as Dorina Ceapa and Cornel Ceapa Bailli of Chaîne NB were on the judging panel.

Chefs instructor’s Dave Irvin and Darren Dorcas from the New Brunswick Community College in St. Andrews were also there during the event.

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