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A Gastronomic World Chain Day Celebration in Saint John

The stars of the evening. The 7 Chefs!

On April 21st, the city of Saint John in New Brunswick was transformed into a true epicenter of gastronomy in celebration of Earth Day and World Chaine Day.

This exceptional event, organized by the Confrérie de La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the Association Mondiale de la Gastronomie, showcased the culinary talents of seven renowned chefs from the region.

The wine pairing was suggested by the wine expert and Vice-Chargé de Presse of the bailliage NB, Mario Griffin. Known as the author of the blog “Le Tire-bouchon Griffin”, he passionately shared his knowledge, presenting the wines for each course to the guests.

The Amical Dinner, held at the prestigious Union Club of Saint John, was an opportunity to celebrate World Chaine Day under the theme “Local Culinary Delights.” Guests had the privilege of savoring an exquisite menu that highlighted local products and the unique flavors of New Brunswick.

Oyster prepared by Ben Cormier

The menu began with Oysters & Snow Crab, masterfully prepared by Chef Ben Cormier of Origine Cuisine Maritime in Caraquet. Paired with a glass of NOASKA IMPULSION from Clair in northwestern New Brunswick, this wine made from the province's local apples surprised with its chardonnay style.

The meal continued to impress with Sausage & Eggs (Acadian Sturgeon & Caviar) crafted by Chef Alex Haun of Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews. This complex and refined dish was elevated by a Benjamin Bridge NV from Gaspereau in Nova Scoatia.

Chef Thane Mallory of Gulliver’s World Cafe in Gagetown then delighted the palate with his Little Sacks of Lobsters, a gourmet creation where lobster is combined with Gagetown garlic, ginger, and fresh herbs, all presented in a crispy pastry. A Tidal Bay wine from Mercator Vineyards completed the taste harmony with this refreshing Nova Scotia wine.

Alex Haun creation

The “Lasagna” revisited by Chef Jonathan Morrison of Lost & Found Ice Cream and The Craft Canteen in Moncton offered a modern and bold interpretation of the Italian classic, with a touch of Acadian Wild Caviar. A delicious Pinot Gris from Mission Hill was the perfect match.

Oneof the highlights of the evening was the Slow-Cooked Red-Braised Pork Belly, prepared by Chef Ning Hou of MiMiMi in Saint John. This richly flavored and textured dish was beautifully paired with Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Sake and a Pinot Noir Reserve from Pelee Island.

In the kitchen for desserts plating!

The Birds Hill Wagyu Flank Steak, a creation by Chef Luc Doucet of Black Rabbit in Moncton, followed. Marinated in epoche coffee and served with Carl’s miso parsnip puree. This dish was a true revelation with the fabulous red from Moncton's Magnetic Hill with its Apassimento-style Marquette. This wine won a double gold medal for Best Appassimento Wine in Canada 2023!

To finish on a sweet note, the New Brunswick Maple Cake by Chef Jordan Holden of Atelier Tony in Moncton offered a sugary delight, perfectly balanced by the Magnetic Hill Maple Swish.

This evening was a vibrant tribute to local flavors and culinary excellence in New Brunswick, proving once again that gastronomy is an art to be lived and shared.

An unforgettable event that will remain etched in the memories of food lovers and connoisseurs.

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